Monday, April 1, 2019

Tips for Improving Your Company's Online Reputation

Reputation may not be everything, but it's a significant factor in online marketing. With close to 100 percent of consumers believing reviews more so than all paid advertising and organic marketing efforts combined, reputation is vital to business. Since the general public now places as much emphasis on peers' opinions as those of their own friends and relatives, it's becoming even more important to companies' bottom lines. For this reason, online reputation management can't be overlooked.

Top Reputation Management Tips

Word-of-mouth advertising has long been a top selling point for businesses. Centuries before widespread advertising campaigns became feasible, vendors and service providers relied on their customers to put in a good word among the masses. Today, numerous other portals are available to foster the process. As long as it's carried out in the right way, reputation management can have an even stronger positive impact than it did in the past.

Broaden Your Horizons: Reputation management isn't just for a business' website. Consumers are everywhere and so should you be. Make your presence known on as many business listings and consumer interest sites as possible. Also be sure you're visible on all the same social media outlets your target audience might frequent. Business reputation applies to all those avenues.

Don't Hide Your Higher-Ups: Though a number of top corporations proudly promote their brands, they try to keep members of their hierarchy hidden from public view. When consumers research these companies, they find this secretiveness somewhat sketchy. Create public online presences for your executive staff, owners and other higher-ups and directly connect them with the company. Doing so provides a number of new content marketing, link and visibility opportunities while appearing far more transparent in the eyes of prospects and customers.

Give Negativity Due Attention: Not all that long ago, flooding the internet with positive or neutral content was all it took to make negative propaganda disappear. That's not necessarily the case these days. Ignoring bad reviews and scathing commentary will do more harm than good at this point. Be sure to respond promptly and professionally to negative comments from customers, and address other forms of stern criticism accordingly.

While word-of-mouth can be a business' most effective form of marketing, it can also be the ultimate downfall if not executed properly. With online reputation management, numerous measures can be taken to keep you visible and ensure customers see you in a positive light even in the face of negative publicity. Reach out to your target audience, offer the level of transparency they've come to expect and never ignore unfavorable press; in turn, consumers will be more willing to come to you for the products and services they need.

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